For a cleaner Mediterranean by the year 2020
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Celebrating World Water Day 2011


Raising awareness for the sustainable management of fresh water resources (22 March 2011) On the occasion of the International World Water Day, Prof. Scoullos, Team Leader of the Horizon 2020 Initiative, was interviewed by SKAI radio on the main issues that “drain” water today.

Battling to beat pollution in the Mediterranean Sea


The Mediterranean environment is one of the richest and at the same time most vulnerable in the world. A staggering 80% of its pollution comes from land-based sources. Rapid urbanisation together with increasing and unsustainable coastal tourism development is causing significant environmental and health problems – more than half the major urban areas do not have wastewater treatment plants and most of the wastewater they produce is discharged into the sea.

Progress in joint efforts to depollute the Mediterranean by year 2020


The Horizon 2020 Steering Group is holding its 4th meeting in Amman Jordan (22-23 February 2011). The meeting is attended by representatives of the Ministry of Environment in Jordan, the EU Directorate General for Environment, and member countries of the programme.