For a cleaner Mediterranean by the year 2020
This initiative is funded by the European Commission through DG EuropeAid.

H2020 Pollution Reduction and Prevention Investments Sub Group

on 12 Sep 2010.

The H2020 Pollution Reduction Sub Group is one of the three sub-groups set up by the Horizon 2020 Steering Group. Chaired by the UfM Secretariat and the European Investment Bank (EIB), its task is the identification and development of investment projects to reduce the most significant sources of pollution in the Mediterranean.

The work is being carried out in close coordination with the framework of the Barcelona Convention and led by UNEP-MAP (Mediterranean Action Plan) and the investment component of pollution reduction stipulated in the National Action Plans (NAPs), which were adopted in early 2016 in the framework of the LBS Protocol of the Barcelona Convention, under the UNEP/MAP MEDPOL programme. 

As mandated by Ministers and set out in the objectives of Horizon2020, the PRPI group aims to establish a list of flagship projects that contribute to environmental de-pollution of the Mediterranean and socio-economic development in the region. The idea behind this coordination effort is to first identify regionally significant and bankable projects and then to give these projects strategic priority in order to push them forward to implementation.

Specific importance of the work is being placed on more strongly involving the Private Sector as well as local authorities and municipal infrastructures.

In support of this, the FEMIP (Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership) – funded Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme is underway. It is now in its second phase of implementation.