For a cleaner Mediterranean by the year 2020
This initiative is funded by the European Commission through DG EuropeAid.

Regional EU-funded projects supporting implementation

on 01 Nov 2016.

With the launch of the Union for the Mediterranean the geographic scope of Horizon 2020 was expanded to include focal points from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia (not an EU Member State at the time) and Montenegro. In addition to using EU policy tools it cooperates and tries to coordinate and synergise with all other relevant programmes. 

During 2009-2014 the EU has financed a project under each component, in addition to those from other sources, and particularly:

  • The Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programm- Project Preparation and Implementation Facility (MeHSIP-PPIF) under PRPI
  • the H2020 Capacity Building/Mediterranean Environment Programme (H2020 CB/MEP) under CB. In the framework of this project, and in addition to activities aimed at enhancing the capacities to address pollution problems at institutional and society level, a Hot Spot Investment study for the West Balkans and Turkey (WeB&THSiS), as complementary to the MeHSIP – has been elaborated.
  • The European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument- Shared Environmental Information System (ENPI-SEIS) under RM

The EU is currently funding the second phases of the: