Minimizing the environmental impact in the olive oil, and poultry farming sectors in Albania

on 27 July 2011.

Olive oil production and poultry farming were at the centre of the latest national training course organized in Albania within the framework of the Horizon 2020 CB/MEP project. The two-day training course (30 June- 1 July) introduced trainees to the best environmental practices and cleaner technologies with the overarching goal to minimize the environmental impact of the olive oil and poultry farming sectors.

The course was attended by twenty professionals from all over Albania, including farmers, representatives from the central and local authorities and various stakeholders and entrepreneurs. The focus on poultry farming and olive oil is justified due to the sectors’ heavy impact on the environment today in Albania. During the workshop, the trainees had the opportunity to learn about the guiding principles of cleaner production, to examine case studies from the Mediterranean region and gain knowledge on Best Available Techniques. Especially regarding olive oil production, participants studied the technical, economic and environmental aspects of different technologies and the environmental impacts throughout the production cycle. Organic practices for both sectors with a focus to sustainability were also showcased.

Further to the presentations, lectures and discussions to stimulate the debate on the different practices, the participants benefited from a field visit to the village of Fishte, 70 km north of Tirana, where a green farming community is already in place. In Fishte, the participants had the opportunity to observe closely the green practices for olive oil production and poultry farming, as well as other organic farming techniques, cutting across all stages of the process from production to consumption.    

The course was organized by UNEP/MAP’s Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production (CP/RAC).